Salt & Tourism

“The idea was born to promote the culture
Of sea salt and salt pans through tourism.”

Saliturismo (salt & tourism) is a neologism we created in 2016 to represent a set of experiential tourism activities related to salt culture and salt pans. Its matrix and true essence actually originated in the late 1990s. The Mill you see today had over the years fallen into disuse and used only as a storage area. After a long and careful restoration, it was inaugurated and opened to the public for the first time on March 31, 1996. Exactly in that year the first tourist routes inside the mill began with the aim of showing visitors the salt culture. Early visitors accessed the structure to appreciate not only the work itself, but also its fascinating gears built of precious woods and its centuries-old stone millstones. Noting the growing interest from visitors and the press, in the following years, it was decided to increase the tourist offerings by creating an initial short video explaining the workings of the saltworks and increasing the tour routes by extending them not only inside the mill but also outdoors, that is, allowing access to the salt marsh banks. The feedback was so great that it was decided to invest in the salt world and facilities in a more serious and comprehensive way. Thus, new experiential proposals were born: guided tours inside the salt pans, manual harvesting of salt alongside our salt workers, tastings of different varieties of salts, new eno-gastronomic experiences, new formulas for reception and access inside the reserve, wellness paths with salt, and natural cosmetic products made with unique elements of the salt pans. This is what Saliturismo (coined by Carol Costa Aniceto) is: the promotion of sea salt and salt marshes through experiential tourism.


Saliturismo experiences are certainly unique. You can experience them inside the Mill, sitting at the Mamma Caura sunset or soaking in the salt ponds of Isola Lunga. The concept of saliturismo is embodied in cultural, sensory and gastronomic experiences. The interior of the Mill holds the history of centuries of salt-related activity and culture; Mamma Caura offers gastronomic experiences created from unique mixes of savory flavors; at Isola Lunga you are sure to have a multi-sensory experience entirely dedicated to the well-being of body and mind.

Passion and dedication
Passion and dedication
Passion and dedication

Days and times, in case of restrictions imposed by anti-contagious measures by Covid-19, will be defined and confirmed at the booking stage and in compliance with the provisions (DPCM) in force.

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