Mamma Caura

A magical and refined atmosphere.
Sunset from our terrace, according to a recent study of travelers’ favorite destinations,
turns out to be the fourth most beautiful in the world.

The name Mamma Caura, chosen to welcome our guests, is of very ancient origin: it is the term used by salt workers to indicate a gypsum-based sediment that accumulates every year on the bottom of the evaporating tanks -called caure- and is periodically taken out and removed from them. In a logic of circular economy ante litteram, which characterizes the activity, in the salt pans of the Trapani area, even the “mamma caura” is not eliminated, but reused as a natural and efficient material thanks to which we consolidate and waterproof the bottom and the banks of the ponds.


Carved out of a barracks from the 1930s, where salt duty was collected at the time, it was converted in the 1990s into an accommodation facility open to the public, which quickly became very successful. Entirely renovated in 2021, Mamma Caura is now an exclusive sunset bar within the Hector and Infersa Salt Flats. The only one where you can enjoy an unparalleled natural stage, thanks to its perfect sunset exposure. For those visiting Sicily for the first time, it is one of the most striking destinations to visit.

You can stay in the rooftop terrace on the ground floor in two areas (aperitif and bistro), from June to September you can sip aperitif with DJ Set by ManHaus Music at sunset.

The exclusivity is is completed with the Mamma Caura Rooftop on the second floor for those who like to admire the sunset in tranquility and from above, the Unique proposals in a unique place. The decor includes the artistic ceramics of Nicola Mirenda (Njco), elegant bamboo furniture, and of course the spectacle of the sunset.



From March to May:
09:00 – 22:00 – Tuesday CLOSED
June to September: 09:00 – 23:00 – OPEN ALL DAYS
October to January: 09:00 – 22:00 – Tuesday CLOSED


Breakfast, Lunch, Aperitif and Dinner

An integral part of the vacation become those places where we spent moments of relaxation, discovering unique tastes, authentic scents and genuine flavors. The Breakfasts, Lunches, Sunset Aperitifs and suggestive Dinners for pleasure or work, will know how to leave you with an indelible memory. In keeping with Sicilian tradition and the desire to innovate, the stop will not be a mere pause, but an indefinable time of savory pleasure. Our reinterpretations of traditional Sicilian dishes, based on the excellence of sea salt, bread, oil and enhanced by the scents of our spices, will give you moments of pure enjoyment. With an international twist, given by the fusion of local cuisine with some sought-after recipes typical of Brazilian cuisine and beyond.

BREAKFAST starting at 09:00
LUNCH from 12:30 to 15:00
DINNER from 19:30 to 22:00

Aperitif Ground Floor

Finding the right words to describe what the five senses experience during an aperitif at sunset in the salt pan, it would be useless. Time slows down, voices drop and all gazes point to the horizon at the exact moment when the sun dips into the lagoon: the sunset at Mamma Caura Sunset Bar is a unique, exciting and must-live experience!

We will recommend some pairings that will make the experience even sweeter, choosing from classic cocktails or our own creation, imagined to encapsulate the saltiness almost in a glass. But you will also be able to choose from selections of fine Sicilian wine, Prosecco and Champagne, concluding with a tribute to our land with a selection of the best and most prized Marsalas.


  • A glass of Maison H Blin or Bernard Remy Champagne / Cocktail / Gin Premium accompanied by 3 gourmet buffalo mozzarella and red shrimp mousse crostini and dry snack.
  • A ground-floor table reserved at the edge of the canal with a view of Ettore and Infersa salt pans and windmills.

* In July and August it is possible to see the nighttime manual harvesting of sea salt.

Aperitif Ground Floor Reduced (6-12years old)  €15
1 soft drink (soft drink)  + sandwiches  + dry snacks  


Restaurant with a view of Salt Pans.

The indoor hall on the 1st floor of SEI – Mamma Caura will allow you to enjoy our dishes even in winter on a gloomy day. An intimate and private setting with panoramic views of the Ettore and Infersa Salt Pans and the majestic Mill.

In the elegant rose-colored restaurant room, it is possible to see the permanent photographic exhibition of Sicily in the period of 1903 to 1915 made by Giacomo D’Ali Staiti (1888-1977).

LUNCH from 12:30 to 15:00
DINNER from 19:30 to 22:00

*A deposit may be required to confirm the reservation.


The Rooftop of SEI – Mamma Caura for sure is unique! The panoramic terrace overlooking the Hector andInfersa, active and productive since Phoenician times (7th century B.C.) and the majestic Windmill of the 16th century, a true jewel of industrial archaeology still fully functional today. A testimony to an ancient and precious art, the production and harvesting of sea salt. From July to early September, it is possible to see the manual harvesting of sea salt whilesipping an aperitif at sunset.
Places are limited and we recommend booking well in advance. For those wished to dine, it is possible to reserve a table in the dining room on the second floor.

The Rooftop Mamma Caura is among the top 8 Rooftop Bars in Sicily on The Rooftop Guide:

Aperitif at the Rooftop

Reserved place at Rooftop Mamma Caura with a panoramic view overlooking the Hector and Infersa Salt Pans that have been active and productive since Phoenician times (7th century B.C.) and the 16th century Windmill, a true jewel of industrial archaeology still fully functional today.


  • A drink (Champagne Laurent Perrier / Wine / Gin Premium DiBaldo Spirits) accompanied by crudités and dry puffed legume snacks.
  • Alternative dishes are also available for vegans, vegetarians and celiacs.

In July and August it is possible to see manual nighttime harvesting of sea salt.

* Reservation in this area is required.

Rooftop Aperitif €60
Reduced Rooftop Aperitif (ages 6-12) €30
1 soft drink (soft drink)  + panelle + arancinete  + 1 pringles + 3 gourmet croutons

Premium Rooftop Aperitif


  • Tapas accompanied by a beverage of your choice from: 1 glass of champagne / Wine / Cocktail / Gin Premium Di Baldo
  • Oysters fine de claire (2pcs), Siberian Classic Caviar* 10g, Dry snack premium, Olives nocellara, Tuna tataki tapas carrot cream and chocolate bonajuto, Sicilian red shrimp and basil tapas, Black pepper marinated ombrine tapas and Sicilian zucchini
  • Alternative dishes are also available for vegans, vegetarians and celiacs.

*The Siberian Classic caviar (Caviar Giaveri) is obtained from the Siberian sturgeon(Acipenser baerii ), a medium-sized species that inhabited the rivers of Siberia and the Lake Baikal basin. It takes about 8 years to obtain this caviar.

In July and August it is possible to see manual nighttime harvesting of sea salt.

* Reservation in this area is required.

Rooftop Aperitif €80 p.p.


Mamma Caura also has a lounge area, part of which can be reserved and used for exclusive use as an ideal space for organizing meetings and/or events.

For info and special event requests: | +39 3487446687

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